SAANZ Mentoring Scheme for constructors of homebuilt aircraft

How our mentors can help you and how to find them.

SAANZ mentors are experienced aircraft builders who are willing to share their knowledge and encourage safe standards in aircraft construction. The mentoring scheme is available to all full members of SAANZ and covers most areas of New Zealand. 

It can sometimes be hard for an inexperienced builder to judge whether a particular practice or technique is acceptable aviation practice.
Mentors can provide a definitive opinion on the acceptability of workmanship and/or changes. They are invaluable in providing an extra pair of eyes to spot mistakes that you have overlooked. 

Responsibility for safety and standards

The builder of the aircraft does so entirely at their own risk, regardless of the input of a mentor or any other person. The responsibility for ensuring standards are met remains entirely with you, the builder. 

However, heeding the advice offered by an experienced mentor will help you to build a safe aircraft which meets the required aviation standards. 

SAANZ Mentor Directory

The Sport Aircraft Association maintains a directory of approved mentors, updated annually.

Contact the administrator to request a copy of the directory.