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New Zealand Sport Flying Magazine

What's in the latest issue.

Rod Wooller has achieved a good standard of finish on his Pietenpol Air Camper


FRONT COVER:    From the vantage point of Trish Stephens's RV-6A, Steve Carr captures that defining moment in any custombuilder's life - the maiden flight of the RV-7A he and Pauline build with the help of Andrew Thompson. Test pilot is Nick Rowe. Front cover story on page 12.

Photograph © Steve Carr


 4 The Sport Flier's World

 5 The Administrator's File

 6 Flaps or no flaps ...

 8 Hickman Hangar: Lessons

10 Open day at Altlichtenwarth

12 Front cover story: Red, White and Blue skies

12 Air mail

14 Circumstance and luck

15 King Kong Club

19 Perth's RAAFA Museum,

20 Some things change ...

24 More UK Museums

28 The Other Woman

29 Taildragger Day

30 Nelson RV-12 project completed

31 Sparky Stuff

32 From there to here Part 1: Learning how to do it

33 FIrst solo flight

34 Kiwi Fox Moth's debut

35 EAA Airventure 2015
36 Do Pitt's stop at 70?

37 A different sort of finish

38 AACA/SAANZ Aircraft Part 7: Helicopters and gliders

40 A trip back in time

42 Fate is the hunter

43 Obituary: John Dunn

43 Visiting the Auckland Chapter

44 Around the Chapters: Auckland & Wellington

47 Classified Advertisements




BACK COVER: Long-time AACA/SAA stalwart John Geary departs the Bridge Pa runway during the Taildragger Day festivities on 12 September. No stranger to the type, he managed to beat all other Cub pilots to come third in the Cub class STOL competition and, with co-owner Tim Dennis in charge of the flour bags, second in the Jailbar bombing. Photograph © Peter Scott

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