Waikato Aero Club Flyin

Fly Ins. At Waikato Aero Club , Steele Road, Hamilton. New Zealand.

Sunday August 24 2014, 09:00

Waikato Aero Club invites Aero Clubs members to join us for our annual fly-in at the Club.

  • There will be a talk from our CFI, Roger who will discuss the airspace around Hamilton and how to use it entirely from the WAC experience. Advice directly to pilots from pilots.
  • There will be prizes for Spot Landings and best entry into Control Zone on arrival for our visitors.
  • Breakfast will be provided at $5.00 per person - scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, toast & jam, orange juice, tea & coffee.

RSVP: 20 August (numbers requiring breakfast)

Phone 07 843 5655
Email: edna.tyler@flywaikato.co.nz