Great Plains Fly-In 2017

Fly Ins. At Ashburton Aviation Museum , Ashburton Airport, Ashburton. New Zealand.

Friday February 3 2017, 08:00 until February 6 2017, 17:00

Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th & Monday 6th February 2017
Ashburton Airfield, Ashburton

Download your Registration and Information Pack HERE

SAANZ is pleased to confirm that the 2017 Great Plains Fly-In will be held over Waitangi Weekend, 3rd-6th February 2017 at Ashburton airfield and is again being hosted and organised by the Ashburton Aviation Museum in conjunction with SAANZ. 

A great welcome awaits you at Ashburton from Friday 3rd February 2017. In fact if you feel inclined to come a day or two earlier, we will look after you. 

Ashburton Airfield
Ashburton airfield is outside Controlled Airspace and is an Uncontrolled Airfield. Good airmanship requires, standard overhead joins, all circuits left hand, and pilots to maintain a good lookout at all times. Remember, your R/T calls are not enough and there will be Nordo traffic in the circuit.

You are responsible for making your own bookings. If you wish to camp on field (not actually a camping ground!) we have a suitable area and/or building. Showers and toilets are available and breakfast and all meals will be available on field.

Transport to Ashburton
Over the period of the Fly-In there will be a shuttle van available at suitable times either to take you into town or to bring you out again, a GOLD COIN donation please.

There will be four seminars that will be run at different times over the Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

Partners Programme …
If sufficient interest is forthcoming, there will be a programme presented which should be of interest to the ladies attending. This might include such items as local gardens, arts and crafts, museum and Art Gallery, some local sight seeing, and so forth. Of course there would need to be a charge for this to cover costs incurred. If you are interested in joining this group please indicate numbers on the registration form.