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Sport Aircraft - Build and fly with SAANZ

SAA will support you through every aspect of choosing, building, testing and flying your chosen aircraft.


  • Gere Sport Aircraft in flight
  • Staaken Flitzer Z-21a aircraft in flight
  • Vans RV-7 aircraft in flight
  • RV-8 aircraft in flight
  • Falcomposite Furio LN27 RG aircraft in flight
  • RV7-A aircraft in flight
  • Titan T51 Mustang aircraft in flight

We work closely with the NZ Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ensure that legislation is supportive to our members' needs. Our goal is to achieve the greatest freedom of creativity without compromise to safety.


Member activities

Sport Aircraft Association NZ Inc is a very active organisation. We have a diverse membership of well over 500 keen aircraft builders and fliers.

Aircraft building and more

Most areas have Chapters whose members meet regularly for discussions and visits to each other's aircraft building projects.
The visits are an opportunity for sharing the great wealth of knowledge accumulated by those who have built or are building their own aircraft.

Advice is freely given and assistance for your own project is never further than a phone call away.

Flying - the ultimate

Our members enjoy flying a vast array of aircraft, from Jodels to RVs, self-designed one-offs to the tiny Cri-Cri. Our pilots range in experience from newly trained and licensed novices through to seasoned airline pilots.

Whether flying solo or with family and friends as passengers, on long flights or short, we all share a passion for sport flying. As well as flying your aircraft, our "Fly-ins" are a great opportunity to socialise with like-minded enthusiasts.

Join us today to take advantage of all the great benefits you will receive as a member.




Get in touch with Sport Aircraft Association NZ Inc

Adrienne Fillery
Phone (09) 4050553

E-mail, or visit

Get in touch with Sport Aircraft Association NZ Inc

Gavin Magill
Phone Mobile 027 291 0525
or 09 298 7174 AH

E-mail, or visit